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Weekend Playlist

Wake your spirit after a long working week with such inspirational songs.
Let’s enjoy your weekend with stories hidden behind amazing songs, where melodies and great vocals shall win your hearts.

1. That’s my girl


The new MV ‘That’s My Girl’ of Fifth Harmony is considered as the manifesto for all sisters around the world. The song indicates modern women are born to work as hard as men do, so it would be unfair if women remain ‘weak’. Women are no weak and we have to treasure ourselves. The song also invites women to united rather than face against each other.

2. Pieces

Witnessing your lover fallen apart and torn into pieces is absolutely an unpleasant feeling, especially when she means everything to you. Empathy is a precious gift that people can have, but sometimes the more empathize you are the more pain you have. “Hold onto me. You’re all I have, all I have”. A beautiful song that makes your heart skips a beat at midnight.

3. Rise

Surviving doesn’t mean living day by day, trying to keep yourself unharmed and continue living. ‘Thrive’ and ‘rise’ is the new rise, using the internal sources to overcome the difficulty. With the bling bling looks and current success, you may think that’s too easy for Katy Perry to say these words, but she failed at the early stage with the debut album. 200 copies were sold and Katy Perry lost the contract. But she keeps dreaming and raising, resulting such a great Katy Perry today.

4. Up & Up

Coldplay slightly announces that ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ will the their last album, that’s why they have to be abnormal in the new MV. You can see Chris Martin, Guy Berryman turn into giant, singing while leaning to the mountain or playing guitar among the highest clouds, popcorns erupted from volcano or marine pieces floating in the mid-air,…and other messages about our current problems are revealed through this MV.

5. Treat you better

Good girls like bad boys. If you are the good one who unexpectedly falls in love with such chic, you will understand how crazy it is, knowing you can treat her much better than that jerk.