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Trending Now: Florals, Embroidery & Summer Stripes

We’ve searched high and low across the pages of Instagram and Pinterest to find the trends that are hot right now!

Summer is well and truly on its way and social media is going gaga for it. From girly florals to slogan sun hats, we’ve covered all the hottest sun-ready trends of the week…. we just need the weather to pick up now!


Who needs a designer price tag when you can get jackets that look like this! Of course this is just one of our favourite embroidered pieces, we’ve got plenty more to choose from here

Black Embroidered Prom Dress , Tropical Embroidered Shorts , Gingham Off the Shoulder Top, Embroidered Jeans


Fun Florals 


We know, we know, florals for spring – groundbreaking! But can you blame us? It’s our go-to trend and we’re sure you can see why….we’ll be pairing ours with equally girly accessories this season for ultimate, feminine chic.


Floral Midi Dress , Cross Over Mules , Petite Floral Mini Skirt , White Floral Jacket , White Floral Trousers


Summer Stripes

Another pattern we just have to have this summer is stripes. Bright or Monochrome, wide or pinstripe, vertical or horizontal, we’ll take them all please!


Fit & Flare Stripe Dress , Navy & Pink Stripe Trousers , Nude Stripe Pleat Midi Skirt


Slogan Pieces


T-shirts, hats, bags – you name it, we’ve seen a slogan on it. We can’t think of a better way to make a statement than through the medium of clothes and accessories!


Black Motif T-Shirt , Slogan Floppy Hat , Grey Motif T-Shirt

Spotted a trend you just can’t get enough of this week? Let us know in the comments and we could be featuring it next time. Can’t wait? Shop our #TrendingNow pieces here.