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Top 10 sexiest man in 2016

Having six-pack abs and a talent for diffusing bombs on-screen is nice, but those aren’t the only qualifiers for sexiness.

What makes a person sexy can be hard to quantify, but every year the title of sexiest man alive is handed to another attractive actor or athlete. Having six-pack abs and a talent on-screen is nice, but those aren’t the only qualifiers for sexiness. Take a look at these 10 unexpected alternative selections for the title.

1. Eddie Redmayne

The Fantastic Beasts star is best known for his ability to slip into challenging roles, but his unique handsomeness and seductive voice have made him one of the hottest online heartthrob.

2. Jesse Williams

Sexy, politically aware, and passionate, Williams balances his dual roles as actor and activist all while looking like a runway model.

3. Lin-Manuel Miranda

When he isn’t revolutionizing the musical or picking up his latest accolade, Miranda retains his humility with tweets and inspirational words for young artists.

4. John Cho

Cho has consistently proven himself the best (and also the cutest) part of whatever he stars in. Who better to revive the rom-com and restore our faith in nice guys?

5. Cary Fukunaga

There are more than a few attractive directors but Fukunaga takes the cake. Even without the glasses and man-bun, he’s still hipster catnip.

6. Jon Stewart

It’s been a little over a year since Stewart stepped down at The Daily Show, and you know what they say: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And his return as a bearded silver fox makes us hopeful for the future.

7. Donald Glover

Whether you think of him as Childish Gambino, Troy from Community, Earn from Atlanta, or the newly minted Lando Calrissian, Glover has always been smart, funny, and impossibly charming.

8. Billy Eichner

The only person on earth who could make being accosted on a random New York City street seem like an appealing proposition.

9. Van Jones

Even before he expressed the postelection frustration of marginalized groups, Jones was a force behind the scenes advocating for green jobs, social justice, and human rights.

10. Drake

Sure, he’s great for memes and headlines, but the world wouldn’t be as invested in Drake’s romantic life and occasional goofiness if he didn’t have the appeal to back it up. Admit it, even when he’s wearing pink furs and jumpsuits, Drake is pretty cute and sexy as well.