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This is not a drill: You must break these bad habits that are making you look old and haggard

Keep reading to see if you’re guilty as charged of these bad beauty habits that are resulting in the most calamitous of consequences to your complexion – then make a concerted effort to renew and recharge yourself from top to toe, in skin and in spirit. And hey, it’s never too late to course-correct, so good luck fighting the good fight against gravity!

1. Are you addicted to “sparrow-face” selfies?


Sweetheart, #stahp. You’re not a baby bird, boo – plus all that pursing of your puckers is only going to exacerbate the expression lines around your lips.

The entirely unwelcome result? You get the same rumpled ridges you see lining the lips of some of the most hardcore nicotine addicts.

If all of this is leaving a bad taste in your mouth, know that all is not lost. The key to ironing out the kinks in your kisses? Simple. Make a conscious effort to stop sulking and smirking – my personal beauty regimen involves not moving my face unless absolutely necessary.


2. Are you wiping your way to wrinkles?

Shocker of the day: Cleansing – okay, a specific step in the cleansing process – may be the startling source of creases and crinkles.

The curious culprit? That cheap terrycloth towel most of us use to dislodge the dirt and debris at the end of the day. You see, while a bath towel’s fuzzy fibres may be superb for sloughing dead skin and wicking water off damp skin, the friction created by those very same fibres can result in expression lines.

The solution is simple: Ditch the cheap cloth and switch to superior stuff. Budget beauties, we’re not talking fancy-schmancy 1,000 thread-count swag here – a Makeup Eraser will do just fine. The silky sateen edges of this cult cloth are said to be infinitely more gentle on your skin that your conventional cotton offerings – just remember to pat, not rub.


3. Are you staring at a computer screen from dawn to dusk?

There’s a burgeoning body of research suggesting that our addiction to LED light-emitting devices – think tablets, smartphones and such – may also be virulent to our visage. Signs and symptoms of screen-induced damage? Sallowness, spots and parched papery skin. Gulp.

As it stands, artificial light screeners are still something of a new-fangled novelty that’s hard to find in the form of a face cream, so if they blow up as the next big beauty thing in the coming year or two, you can say you heard it on herworldPLUS first. Cheers, and stay forever young!