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This Autumn’s Must-Read Art and Fashion Books


These fashion and art books will help you to escape from the gloomy year-end mood.

1. Rave: Rave and Its Influence on Art and Culture

“Rave” is one of the first publications to critically engage with the historical rave movement that emerged in Europe after the industrial revolution. Exploring the period that transformed the way we party from the 1980s and 1990s until today, the book analyses the social, political and economic conditions that led to growth of the dance boom in relation to contemporary art and visual culture. Combining texts by Mark Fisher and Kodwo Eshun, interviews with designers and procuders as well as work from various artists such as Rineke Dijkstra, Aleksandra Domanovic and Daniel Pflumm combine for a celebration of rave culture’s expansive influences.

2. The New Curator

With the growth of social media and the internet, the role of curators has become a bit of a blur. This book gives an insight into the complexity and richness of curating, with special emphasis on prominent exhibitions including the “Ghetto Biennale” in Haiti and digital artworks by Amalia Web. Each of the 26 highly detailed case studies consists of an interview with the curator and the story of show-making.

3. Undercover

“Undercover” is the first book to focus on the work of Jun Takahashi, the iconic Japanese designer who stands behind streetwear brand UNDERCOVER. The publication provides a comprehensive look at Takahashi’s fashion endeavours through sketches, graphics, photographs and his most innovative designs to date. Tracing the whole story behind one of the most fascinating and multi-faced contemporary brands, “Undercover” begins with the opening of the brand’s frist Harajuku store to collaborations with brands suck as Comme de Garcons.

4. Gus Van Sant: Icons

This book pays tribute to the cinematographic work of Gus Van Sant, the cult director responsible for classics like Milk, Drugstore and Elephant among others. “Icons” explores the entire scope of Vans Sant’s cinematographic work through photographs, essays, sketches, polaroids, paintings and analyses. It also features an unpublished interviw with the filmmaker conducted in Portland in June 2015, in which he discussed his inspirations that include visual artists like William Burroughs, William Eggleston and Harmony Korine. It’s a beautifully printed album that offers a comprehensive insight into the Kentucky director’s creative process.

5. The House of Beauty and Culture

This beautiful book dedicates its page to the legacy of London’s little-known studio and shop House of Beauty and Culture, an avant-garde boutique and craft studio from the late 1980s. A true representation of the underground, the boutique’s crew consisted of trendy alt figures like Judy Blame, John Moore and Cindy Palmano. The shop grew in popularity for its signature up-cycle approach, grunge aesthetics and punk criticism of mass culture. Through interviews, essays and countless photographs, Maciejowska honours House of Beauty and Culture’s wide and important influence.