This 40-Minute Workout Will Whip You in Shape for the New Year

You don’t have to wait until New Year day to kick-start your workout resolutions especially when this 40-minute routine will leave you not just physically toned, but mentally powerful.

1.      Squat Back Palm Strikes
This glute targeting exercise will help tone your lower half as you simultaneously practice your Back Hammer Fists

Start with your feet apart
Complete a full squat
Engage in alternating Palm Strikes

2. Lunge Push Kick
This lower body sculpting workout will tactically push you

Start with your feet together, hands in survival position
Take a deep rear step and complete one lunge
Engage in a Defensive Push on your return

3.Ground Push Kick
This is a great ground survival tactic, and a great way to target your glutes.

Start on your back, hands in Survival Position, raise one leg and flex the foot
Raise your hips as you simultaneously extend your leg for the defensive ground push kick
Return to the start position

4. Sit-Up Fist Strikes
Strengthen your core with this self-defense and twist

Start on your back, feet flat, arms in Survival position
Raise your body all the way up, twist and engage in two alternating Fist Strikes
Return back to the start position