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The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide for Francophiles


Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea,” and any Francophile would agree. From the romantic music of Edith Piaf to the delicately sweet macarons, this luxury gift guide lists for luxe Francophiles – someone with both luxe and cultured inclinations – will charm, enchant, and seduce your French sensibilities.

When going to France is not an option, bring France to them.

A Sexy Pair of Shoes

Nothing speaks French like a pair of Louboutin

A sexy pair of shoes doesn’t have to be heels, as any Parisian woman will tell you. However, Louboutin does a very particular shade of nude in his pumps (and flats).

Bottle of Fabulous Champagne

A foolproof way to any Francophile’s heart is to give them a bottle of fabulous champagne.

Rouge Lipstick

A perfect rouge liptstick will always bring you pleasure

A punchy crimson pout has an indisputably sultry appeal that is at once classic and modern. It’s no wonder why it’s considered a beauty staple for French women. You can choose among Christian Louboutin’s products – you really can’t go wrong with any of the these guys.

French or French-inspired Movies

When visiting France is not an option, films are one of many ways to mentally transport yourself to France — where you can virtually saunter through the beautiful labyrinthine alleyways with a croissant in hand. Whether you get a French-inspired or French film, you have a winning gift.

A scene from Amelie


Here are few options for you: Amelie, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Midnight in Paris, Julie and Julia, Ratatoutille.

A French-made Handbag


It should be in every fashionable Francophile’s closet — it’s an investment. Check out this babe from Christian Louboutin’s lastest season.

Gourmet Treats for the Epicure

Sweet macarons contain sweet French memories

France is a haven of culinary excellence — olive oil, wine, fleur de sel, French gin, salted caramels, croissants, macarons… the list is endlessly delicious. Gourmet treats like these are always well-received, no matter who you are.

Sensual Perfume

Christian Louboutin’s powerful fragrances

That mystique, that allure, that je ne sais quoi of French perfume. It’s timeless, classic, and downright seductive.

Edith Piaf’s Masterpieces


Edith Piaf is inarguably the greatest French singer of all time, and she is still revered today as a cultural icon even decades after her death. Her expressive voice and lyrics powerfully capture the essence of the French, and Francophile, soul.

Luxurious Bed Linens

Nothing gives more pleasure than slipping into luxurious duvet after a long day. Bedding is a very personal choice and it all comes down to how it makes you feel, but considering Yves Delorme is one of the oldest textile manufacturers in France, dating back to 1845, they do know a thing or two about luxurious bedding.

VIP Experiences through France

An endless lavender field in Provence, France

France is so much more than Paris, but the rest of the beautiful country often gets overshadowed by the fabulous capital. Indulge in vinotherapie at Les Sources de Caudalie Wine Spa in Bordeaux, embark on a VIP shopping tour through Paris with a personal stylist, go champagne tasting in Champagne, take a ski adventure in the French Alps, sail along the French Riviera, discover rows and rows of lavender fields in the summer in Provence,… the ideas are endless.