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We’re all guilty of buying things that look great on the hanger, but not so great on us. And while a dress or a pair of trousers might seem like the perfect fit, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the garment will tick all the boxes when it comes to practicality.

According to Stephanie Roper, who is a stylist and personal shopper under the name of Wardrobe Angel, there are three simple tests we should do when trying on new clothes, whether that be in the changing rooms at the shops, or once your online order has arrived.

1. Can you sit down comfortably in the garment?
Firstly, you need to see how that item of clothing sits on you. Does the fabric sag, bag or pull?

‘For example, trousers that are too big will gape excessively at the back,’ warns Stephanie. ‘While trousers which are too small will pull at the crotch and the fabric will band and stretch across the thighs.’


2. Can you raise your arms above your head and clap?
This test will show whether the length is right for you.

‘By raising your arms and clapping you’re testing whether the top or dress is the right length,’ says Stephanie. ‘Plus it’ll also show whether that underarm fit is good.’


3 . Are you wearing the right size?
‘If you are trying on a dress or a top, gather all the excess fabric either at the front, back or side’ Stephanie tells us.

And if the garment you’re wearing is too small, please don’t fret about it. Most importantly, don’t buy it to slim into it.

‘This will just lead to disappointment,’ Stephanie says. ‘It’s like telling yourself you aren’t perfectly good enough just the way you are, at the size you are.’

So remember, if the fabric pulls, stretches, feels tight under the arms or in the crotch then leave well alone. Just buy for who you are now; clothes can always be altered if some weight comes off!