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The person who rouges ladies’ heels

“A perfect pair of shoes, a gorgeous dress and a romantic lover – that’s what make a beautiful woman”. This is a famous saying and great men like Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix or Sir Dior should speak it.

But in fact, that saying is spoken by a living follower, the one who has rule the fashion world in just 21 years. A gorgeous authentic boutique stores has launched at the heart of Saigon to serve all fashion lovers with red sole and Louboutin signature.

Christian Louboutin first approached to high-heels at the age of 13, when he visited La Palace dance floor with the boys. When his friends were so into the dancers’ bodies, Louboutin paid great attention to their legs. “Up to now, my shoes designs are somehow inspired by La Palace, the disco time with sequins and metallic” – Louboutin said.

But the shoes which he has great memory for is the one kept in a museum as an illustration with a sign “High-heels are not allowed”.

Usually, when people are not trained in arts and design, they shall apply to assist in an on-trend fashion store; but our young 17-year-old Christian Louboutin chose to work for Folies Bergère dance floor’s closet since he wanted to admire the hot move of high-heels.

Then, Christian Louboutin continued to assist Charles Jourdan, Chanel và Yves Saint Laurent and quit his job quite soon. ‘I was a bad assistant. Assistants should follow and do all assignment tasks, but I only did my own job in my own way”. Thus, the first small boutique was opened in Paris’ old street and it is now the brand’s flagship store since 1991.

Writer Danielle Steel was famous for torturing herself with 6,000 pairs of Louboutin shoes, a can-not-break-record in Louboutin’s top VIP. Meanwhile, the famous Gossip Girl Black Lively is always on the mood for Louboutin, she can purchase 40 pairs in a row just for a hunting trip. Victoria Beckham still use Louboutin to wedding even when she was pregnant, she even ignored the warning of having disc herniation.

And so, those are just some typical names in the list of more than 5,000 closed customers of Louboutin, and each of them have at least 500 pairs of red soles.

As Germaine Greer – a scholar of great books in 1970s – once wrote “while feminist activists still struggle to free women, high-heels have conquered humanity ever since”.

“She is a feminist activist in the 70s. I think Madonna is also a unique woman. She is my regular customer”.

F Magazine
Text: Trác Thúy Miêu