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With summer party season on the way, most of us can expect a photo opportunity or two over the next few months, and generally, we want to look our best when the camera points our way.

When it comes to makeup, many of us know the difference a dab or two of carefully applied product can make, but we’ve always wondered what the number one cosmetics item we should be reaching for is.

Well, one person who’d know is Victoria Metaxas – the photographer spends her days snapping glamorous bloggers and celebrities, and she certainly knows how to make people look their best in pictures.

Her makeup item of choice for photographs? It’s the light-reflecting, shadow-covering, overall youth-boosting wonder that is under-eye concealer, and we certainly agree that this product can have a transformative effect.

‘Concealer under the eyes, combined with a great mascara, can make eyes look bigger and brighter, which is always great in photos’ says Victoria.

It’s true that under-eye concealer is one of those products that might not seem to have a huge impact when you look in the mirror, but as Victoria says, it can absolutely transform your looks in photos.

There are lots of light-reflecting under-eye concealers on the market, from the bestselling Touche Eclat, £25.50 from YSL to Charlotte Tilbury’s much-lauded Miracle Eye Wand, £29.

Application-wise, the key is to apply your concealer in an upside-down triangle shape under the lower lashline, before blending well into your foundation ( a beauty sponge is the best tool for this).

Finish off with a flick of mascara, and you’re bound to look fresh and radiant in photos!