11 of our favorite nail art looks for summer from Instagram’s most talented mani maestros. 

There are two kinds of women in this world: those who want avocados painted on their nails, and those who don’t. Here are 18 of our favorite nail art looks for summer—ranging from chic and subtle to wild and avocado-y—from Instagram’s most talented mani maestros.


Tropic Wonder
All your favorite elements of summer wrapped into one colorful manicure.


Coral Punch
Negative space nails with a brushstroke coral design.


Smiley Face
A canary yellow accent nail guaranteed to make you smile. 



Paisley Print
Bring your favorite bandana design to your manicure.


Cherry Checks
A mix of feminine cherry prints and graphic black-and-white checkers. 



Retro Stripes
These vertical stripes in a subdued color palette have a 1970s vibe about them.


Black Daisy
The summeriest way to still wear a dark manicure. 



Avocado Obsession
Avocado nail art is so extra–in a good way, of course.



Tie Dye
Tie dye tee shirts aren’t exactly the height of chic. But tie dye nails? You can wear those all summer long.


Incredible Ink
Manicurist Ashely Crowe was inspired by ink spills when she hand-painted this set of watercolor nail art. 


Making Waves
Wear this swirling, colorful ocean nail design on your next beach vacation (just make sure it’s gel, so it lasts the whole time).