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The ‘invisible’ gravity under a gentleman’s heel

Clothes and accessories can’t be perfect if you don’t notice your shoes. Let Pedro help you to define your style and the ability to mix & match with four must-have styles.

Elegant oxford shoses
Be on top of the list are always oxford shoes.

A pair of slim Oxfords is great for guys who love classical style. The combination of leather and suede, as well as one-shade color brings elegant feeling. You should choose suits or vests and trousers to go with the Oxfords.

“Shoes are only for work” is an out-of-date thought. Combo shoes + jeans + jacket helps shoes escape from the title “office item”. Tips for a cool look is to choose simple shoes with sporty style, no lace-up and details.

Dynamic sneakers

Sneakers show dynamism and strong personality. A pair of lasting and pretty sneakers is men’s loyal assistant.

Orange shows that you are full of energy. Orange sneakers should keep a place in your shelf. Colorful sneakers needn’t go with floral clothes. You can wear with a black-on-black set to make attention to your feet.

How about white sneakers? Simple and up-to-date are what you need to become a fashion icon of modern men nowadays, just only when you mix with black t-shirt, leather jacket and trousers.

Playful slip-on

Smooth, steady and fashionable slip-on are always your buddies. They are favoured cause they’re usefull. Whether you are a courteous man or a rock-chic guy, they will help you.

Instead of dark shade, why don’t you try a bordeaux with unique stripes? The formula to be a city-guy: white pull, sporty bomber, pants and of course an outstanding slip-on.

Let your feet breathe with sandals

Nothing better than a comfortable pair of flip-flops or sandals at ease. You can explore the world with the flexible designs, although they’re a little monotonous but still claim the manly feature.

Sandals and shorts – a perfect couple while flip-flops are more suitable for laid-back style, which can break the rules.