The Evolution of All the ’90s Trends You Totally Wore

The ’90s are back! Fashion has been particularly enamored of the decade of grunge in recent seasons with chokers, crushed velvet, brown lipstick, and more. 

1. Chokers

The choker necklace is so ubiquitous this year that even Taylor Swift called it “the new flower crown” at Coachella. Guess the days when teens wore the stretchy “tattoo” versions to middle-school dances aren’t so long gone after all.

2. Crop Tops

Pop culture was not messing around when it came to bare midriffs back in the day. We tend to stick to easier-to-pull-off pairings like a cropped turtleneck or tee with high-waisted jeans.

3. Mom Jeans

Skinny is so over, mom jeans from the 90s is the trend now. Fashion girls today are all about high-rise silhouettes and true-blue washes.

4. Velvet

Once upon a time, velvet was what all the best bad girls (Kate Moss, Winona Ryder) wore to party and what we wore to skating competitions; now, it’s all over the Paris runways.

5. Off-the-Shoulder

The only one of these trends that may rival chokers in its current ubiquity, off-the-shoulder tops have infiltrated every level of fashion since they started inching their way back into style several seasons ago. Paired with some mom jeans, they’re the best couple for any street-style.

6. Platform Shoes

Even in the 90s, platform shoes were weird in retrospect but if platform sneakers were good enough for the Spice Girls, they were good enough for the rest of us. Gucci’s 2016 version of this shoes is a little more treacherous — and a lot more expensive — but the spirit remains.

7. Ultra-Wide-Leg Jeans

Ultra-Wide-Leg Jeans is definitely the 90s’ hottest trend and it’s back now. We may not be quite back to the era of 50-inch leg openings, but the top fashionistas are certainly creeping towards it, and we wouldn’t have to wait too long for a official comeback some season soon.

8. Track Pants

Leave it to Rihanna to bring back the trend. While Gwen was faithful to her adidas, you can snap up the Fenty version for $150 right now.

9. Tracksuits

Yes, it’s true: Track is back and more trendy than ever. Back from the 90s, it’s clear Paris Hilton’s favorite has come a long way.