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Ellie, Oasis’ trading assistant, loves denim. No really, she can’t get enough of the stuff. And here she is wearing our slim fit Cherry jeans and spilling the beans on all things blue.  

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear denim? 

Life? Love? Laundry? I don’t think I can come up with only one word! I own a lot of denim. I’m always wearing it/ washing it/ wishing I had more of it! 

How many pairs of denim do you own? 

Off the top of my head – I’d say that I own around 15 pairs of jeans! But I cant be sure without looking in my denim drawer.

What’s your favorite style of denim?

Skinny and mom jeans are my absolute staples. I have them in almost every wash imaginable!


Do you like your denim with rips or no rips?

Both! In case you hadn’t already caught on…I love denim.

What’s your most memorable denim memory?

Definitely Britney and Justin in 2001, at the American Music Awards! Their matching denim outfits are still talked about 15 years later. People need to know! It was definitely an iconic moment.


What’s your favorite part of this shoot?

The fact that I was lying on my bed for nearly all of it! 

What’s your favorite Oasis denim pick? 

Before the shoot I’d have chosen Jade, but having worn Cherry I now think they’re my fave!