The Craziest Brow Art Looks on Instagram

Over the past couple decades, we’ve witnessed eyebrows evolve from thin, sperm-shaped wonders to big, bushy caterpillars. In the past month alone, feathers and barbed wire can now be added to the official eyebrow shape timeline, too. Like lids and lips, makeup artists on Instagram have been turning their arches into canvases as well to experiment with different mediums.

The latest brow art trend includes adhering unexpected items like breadcrumbs onto brows and fashioning the tiny hairs into shapes. Oh yeah, we weren’t kidding about that breadcrumb part. To prove just how crazy the brow art trend is getting, we rounded up some looks happening on Instagram right now. Keep scrolling to peep the food-based variety.


With spring in the air, MUAs have been picking flowers and pasting them around their eyes. We told you all about the eye makeup aspect of the trend. However, others have been also turning their brows into mini bouquets.



Merely filling your brows in with a bright hue is so 2016. These days, it’s all about turning your brows into oblong disco balls with chunky glitter.



Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen accidentally on purpose started the latest brow art trend after jokingly posting a picture of her brows in a feather-like shape. However, other MUAs started recreating the look. The rest is history.



After her feather brows went viral, Sironen took the avian aesthetic one step further with this colorful peacock feather look.



Sironen inspired a 23-year-old self-taught makeup artist from Oregon who goes simply by V or @Harlibi on Instagram to spike up her brows like the mystical creature. She aptly calls them “dragon brows.”



Speaking of spikes, this MUA took a more fiery approach to brow art and added some orange flames to her face.


Barbed Wire

Now, this makeup artist did not wake up like this — her cowlicked brows were completely intentional.



This vegan makeup artist secured sequins to her brows, and TBH it looks like the most doable of the looks so far. You could even match your makeup to a sequined outfit.


Bread Crumbs

OK, here’s when we hit the pantry with brow art looks. Danish makeup artist Sara Engel originally was going to create glitter brows, but somehow she took a U-turn to the kitchen along the way.



Dallas-based makeup artist Ash Meredith took a neutral, but incredibly abstract approach to brow art.



Would you skip winged liner for this graphic brow look? We’re considering it.



Sure, you could wear gloss on your lips — or even your lids. This Polish makeup artist brought the high-shine effect to her brows, though.