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The complete body guide for your dress-up Christmas night

A list of most flattering Coast dresses for your own body shapes.  

You generally know what looks best on you—perhaps there’s a wrap dress that consistently makes you feel confident or you always gravitate toward wide-leg pants—but we figured a more in-depth look at dressing for your body type is never a bad idea. In fact, are you even sure of what your body type is? Coast has broken down a few of the most common body shapes by definition, which areas you should be trying to accentuate or to de-emphasize. Dressing for your body type is now easier than ever!

Hour-glass shape

Show off your curvy figure by sporting a dress with a belted waist. Adjustable belts will let you highlight just how tiny your waist is.



Apple shape

Apples usually have thin legs and tend to carry weight around their middle. Your goal is to minimize your midsection by highlighting your shoulders and legs.


Pear shape

If the widest part of your body is around your hips, Your goal is to elongate and balance your figure by accentuating your top half.


Inverted triangle

Dresses that flare out slightly, such as A-lines, are ideal for balancing out broad shoulders.


Triangle shape


A fit-and-flare dress will play up your thin waist and small upper body, while minimizing the hips and thighs.


Banana shape

If you’re not very curvy and your hips are around the same size as your waist, Your goal is to highlight the thinnest part of your waist so your hips and bust appear larger and more proportional.

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