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The Best Rosy Winter Makeup Inspiration

A gentle look, with rosy cheeks and dewy lips can turn you into a pure rose this winter.

Most pics you’ll see on Instagram nowsaday are filled with Kardashian-level contouring, powdering, and highlighting, making it pretty unrealistic for everyday life. Until when the makeup artist Joonyoul Seung posted a photo of a gorgeously subtle, rosy makeup look on a model, the beauty community was promptly freaking out and bowing down. A fan of Seung has re-posted on social makeup sites, it instantly went viral, driving 50,000 people to view the photo.

In the pic, the girl has a no-makeup makeup look with dewy skin, soft eyeliner and mascara, stained lips and the most gorgeous rosy cheeks. She looks like a pretty doll with windburn. Seung applied blush generously below the apple and blended outward and upward. By focusing on the cheeks, this makeup style will bring out all the sweetness in you, making you a beautiful little snowy bunny in this upcoming winter.