The Best Fashion Week Venues From Spring/Summer 2017

Take a look at the top womenswear settings from Chanel, Marc Jacobs and more.

While the presentation on the runway has often remained the traditional focal point of any fashion week event, more designers have begun integrating unique approaches to their shows, in order to differentiate themselves and create an immersive experience for attendees. Also, there’s an increasing need to engage audiences aside from simply showcasing a collection.

One way designers have begun to do this is by shifting to uncommon venues and experimenting with various set designs. This season, we witnessed a bevy of off-the-wall arrangements from womenswear collections, including everything from repurposing industrial warehouses to libraries. Memorable displays include Marc Jacobs’ daytime rave complete with 1,500 hanging light bulbs, Chanel’s data center mimicking the inside of a computer and Thom Browne’s pool-themed exhibit.