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The 7 Nail Shapes You Need To Know


If you have always go for your tried-and-true, perhaps it’s time to break out of your nail rut. To help inspire you, a helpful primer on the seven options at your fingertips.

1. Square

What it looks like: Squared off at the tip.
Best length: Very short. When they’re longer it’s better for them to taper slightly.
Shade selection: This nail length can pull off a lot of bright or impactful colors without looking too loud. Bright reds or deep dark shades are recommended.

2. Squoval

What it looks like: Squared off at the tip with rounded edges.
Best length: Short but with about 2mm of free edge.
Shade selection: Again since this is good on shorter nails, you can try it with dramatic and dark colors.

3. Round

What it looks like: Soft rounded with a flat edge at the tip.
Best length: Short.
Shade selection: Round nails are quite neutral and you can pull off bright and off-the-wall colors, like turquoise or a more classic shade like a raspberry.

4. Oval

What it looks like: Rounded tip like a semi-circle.
Best length: About 3mm of free edge at the tip is ideal.
Shade selection: Thia shape is best with pretty and feminine pastels.

5. Almond

What it looks like: Rounded edge that’s tapered at tip.
Best length: Around 4 or 5 mm of free edge. You need a lot of nail length to achieve the look.
Shade selection: Like the name, almond nails look lovely with neutral colors and nudes.

6. Squareletto

What it looks like: Long, dramatically tapered nail with squared off tip.
Best length: Like the almond shape, this nail looks best long.
Shade selection: A matte grays or mauve or greige.

7. Stiletto

What it looks like: Long and super pointy.
Best length: This needs to be on a fairly long nail to achieve the effect.
Shade selection: They look a bit intense with dark colors go with lighter soft sheer pinks, terracotta or blush.