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The 5 New Makeup Trends For Fall

As seen on the runway and the red carpet.

So it’s almost time to put away our flip-flops, shorts and sundresses to drown yourself in the mood of fall. With fall’s imminent arrival comes some fresh new looks to try—so if you’re wondering how to update your makeup bag for the season, we have got you covered. These 6 trends usually start on the runway are already spotted on a few famous faces, leading to a new makeup wave within fashion followers.

1. Dark vampy lips

The biggest, most important makeup trend for fall is dark lips. VERY dark lips. Sure, we’ve seen oxbloods and berries before, but this year, the colours are much more blackened.


2. Glitter eyeshadow

The second biggest trend—and by far the most surprising one!—is glitter. Yes, for grown-ups. The runway version is definitely exaggerated: designers dusted it all over the lids, cheeks and even brows. But for real life, it can translate into a super-pretty nighttime eyeshadow look that’s so much more interesting than matte smokies.


3. Smudgy black liner

If you’re going to wear eyeliner this fall, make it a black one. Designers showed it both graphic and smudgy, so there wasn’t one specific application technique.


4. Brights

Traditionally, bright makeup has been a summer thing. But now, it’s more than okay to wear it all fall. It doesn’t matter where you place your pops of colour—eyes or lips—nor which shade you choose. From blues to oranges to magentas, anything goes!


5. Glowy skin

After a few seasons of extreme contouring and extreme strobing, we’re back to skin that looks more like skin. Your complexion goals for this fall should be a slightly dewy texture with soft flushed cheeks, and subtle, non-shimmery highlights.