The 5 Best Ways to Clean Makeup Brushes


Clearly, makeup brushes are not getting cleaned the way they should be So we broke down the five best ways to wash your makeup brushes, from the very basic soap and water, to an insanely expensive automated machine.

1. Soap. Water. Hands. Done.
Simple, fast and can be applied at any time; here is an effective formula for every girl. But also be careful with the type of soap you use, anyway, you do not want to see your beloved brushes falling apart with harsh detergents, right?

2. Ribbed silicone mitt or mat
You can slip on the glove or set the cleansing palette in your sink, both of which have an insane amount of rubby patches to wash away grime in the grooves of your brushes. The only caveat: you have to wash the matt and mitt after each use to prevent bacteria from trying to set up shop.

3. Baby shampoo 
The upside to using baby shampoo is that it conditions your brush’s bristles while removing gunk, without any stiff, starchy residue. The downside is that you won’t get the same bacteria-killing benefits.

4. Cleansing balm
Makeup-brush cleansing balms, are basically a cross between a bar of soap and baby shampoo. They’re generally formulated with a mix of oils (goat’s milk, olive oil, and palm butter) that are solidified in a little jar that make your brushes clean and soft.

5. With a hi-tech, brush-cleaning machine
Maybe the brush-washing machine is absolutely unnecessary for cleaning brushes, especially with such high price, but it’s totally an option for people who just really hate cleaning their brushes. The machine agitates the bristles back and forth in soap, then drains, and then does two rinse cycles—basically like a washing machine for your brushes.