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1. Sasha Unisex

Who: @sashaunisex
Why: Sasha specializes in colorful, geometric pieces that she’s expanded into temporary tattoos, pins and other merch.

2. Tea Leigh

Who: @tealeigh
Why: Leigh is an illustrator who specializes in old-fashioned “stick and poke” tattoos, which use a needle to poke inke into the skin. Leigh’s nature-inspired designs and hands motifs are beautifully delicate – and in high demand.

3. Johnny Gloom

Who: @johnnygloom
Why: Gloom’s graphic, all-black pieces evoke the mystery and seduction of film noir.

4. Georgia Grey

Who: @georgiagreynyc
Why: Grey’s signature watercolor-inspired pieces look like they belong in a museum.

5. Tati Fox

Who: @taticompton
Why: Fox’s delicate hand-poked pieces feature celestial themes and pin-up vibes.


6. Lauren Winzer

Who: @laurenwinzer
Why: This Aussie has amassed a massive following thanks to her girly tattoos of colorful cartoon and vibrant floral arrangements.

7. Jon Boy

Who: @joinboytattoo
Why: Those seeking tiny, delicate works flock to Jon Boy at West 4 Tattoo.

8. Scoll Campbell

Who: @scampbell333
Why: New York Campbell is Marc Jacobs’ go-to tattooer and has also inked the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Courtney Love.


9. Peter Aurisch

Who: @peteraurisch
Why: Aurisch works out of Berlins, adorning his customers with colorful, Picasso-inspired works.


10. Dr. Woo

Who: @dr_woo_
Why: Dr. Woo (real name: Brian Woo) is one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in LA. He’s inked the likes of Drake (famously, a prayer hand emoji) and Rihanna. According to the New York Times, his signature is a grouping of circles, arrows and dots, which fans have dubbed “Woo arrows.”

11. Susanne Konig

Who: @suflanda
Why: This German tattooist works solely in black ink to create surreal, highly-detailed pieces.


12. Corey Divine

Who: @coreydivine
Why: Divine’s graphic, geometric tattoos are positively mesmerizing.

13. Bang Bang

Who: @bangbangnyc
Why: Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy is a celebrity favorite, he’s famously inked Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevingne. McCurdy opned his first shop in NYC last year, and his Instagram showcases his work alongside the pieces done by his talented team of artists.

14. Super Timor

Who: @timorsuper
Why: this tattooist’s detailed pieces range from the ultra-surreal to hyper-realistic.

15. Sarah Gaugler

Who: @sarahgaugler
Why: Gaugler proves her range with an oeuvre that includes tiny, spare line pieces and heavier, detailed works – all rendered with precision and skill.

16. Minka Sicklinger

Who: @minkasicklinger
Why: Sicklinger’s eye for detail translates into bold, geometric tattoos depicting spiritual and natural motifs, animals and the human form.