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The 13 Best 100 Layers Challenges of 2016


Beauty bloggers got bored of their regular makeup tutorials and took things to an insane new level by trying on 100 layers of pretty much anything. Nail polish, foundation, lipstick… here are13 best 100 layers challenges of 2016.

1.100 layers of nail polish

The og of the bunch decided to be the guinea pig with this challenge that prompted bloggers to paint on 100 coats of nail polish.

2. 100 layers of foundation

Vlogger Jeely is a brave soul after makeup “thrilled” transformation.

3. 100 layers of liquid lipstick

Makeup vlogger Mayra could barely open her mouth afterwards and had to remove her lipstick with a sharp object.

4. 100 layers of face masks

Vlogger Jeely at it again, this time with a peel-off mask that looked painful

5. 100 layers of hair extensions

Hair vlogger kayley melissa obviously wanted rapunzel hair. Just imagine how heavy her head probably felt.

6. 100 layers of glitter

Glitter overdose brought to you by vlogger Lauren

7. 100 layers of bangs

Youtuber Latoya’s hair is so big because it’s full of secrets to going viral on youtube.

8. 100 layers of highlighter

Beauty vlogger Alissa Ashley made her highlighter turn into a glow stick. Magic!

9. 100 layers of hot wax

Who in their right mind would try this at home like Youtube @itsyeboi did?

10. 100 layers of basically everything

Jenna marbles officially has no chill with this crazy challenge.

11. 100 layers of clothes

Youtube couple de’arra & ken’s circulation was being cut off halfway through the challenge.

12. 100 layers of fake tanner

This looks like Riyadh just ran a river of mud.

13. 100 layers of natural hair conditioner

Natural hair vlogger Jewellianna tried it and there were no knots in sight.