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Styling up your new summer swimwear

Playful and eye-catching are key personalities of Topshop’s latest swimwear collection for muses whom yearn for Vitamin Sea.

The upcoming long holiday is coming and this is the ideal time for you and your family to escape for a while. Beautiful seas along Vietnam coast will be your top choice, but have you grab your best beach outfits yet? Let Topshop shows you how to shine your curves under the sun.


You can’t go to the beach without bikini. The new design in pink and blue color block reveals a new you with sporty spirit

Those who deeply in love with gingham prints surely cannot ignore this brilliant designs. It’s simple, yet elegant!

Monokini is your secret weapon if you don’t want to be too sexy. Still, it can help you to rule the look.

A tricky way to turn your monokini into a sexy body-suit is to mix & match with a jeans bottom. Once done, say hi to a lovely wandering evening!

A true watersport athlete? No problem! This half swimwear half diving suit allows you to style it easily with a flexible zipper. Four dimension elastic material ensures you a comfortable, dynamic feeling.


Luxury tortoise sunglasses is your top choice if you are looking for a mid-class product range of Topshop.

Round glasses are suitable for angular or oval faces. For more information about how to choose glasses for your face, click here.

Navigator sunglasses look stylish on any urban chic.

Cover-up top

Playsuit is still on the summer top list. The off shoulder playsuit made in thin jean material promises you a modern look on the beach.

Bohemian cover-up with fringe is must-have item for those who enjoy unconventional lifestyle.

Sometimes, all you need is a simple hoodie in playful color covered outside your bikini.

Jean crop top and ripped short jean is the sweetest combo for the wildest summer fun.

Night time BBQ cannot be more romantic is you don’t wear this mini dress with lace ruffles.