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Staying Healthy Through the Holidays


As the holidays come, many people have problems with trying to prevent weight gain and miss out all the joy.

There are many dietary fads but not all are fit for your body. Here are a few ideas to minimize the weight gain through and after holiday season.

1. Keep the drinking to a comfortable minimum, and utilize red wine as opposed to hard liquor. The resveratrol in red wine is very healthy for you as it is an antioxidant. Liquor carries many calories including large amounts of sugar.

2. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to hydrate your body. This is essential for organ function and will make you feel less hungry.

3. Eat small meals throughout the day so that it curbs your appetite. Large meals every difficult for your body to digest and absorb. Large meals request much more insulin that could force a low blood sugar episode and make you crave more food.

4. Try to eat salad and vegetables or even a low-carb protein shake before going to a big party. This would tend to fill you up sooner and also have some food to absorb the alcohol, as opposed to drinking on an empty stomach.

5. Make sure that you incorporate exercise daily as part of a good health maintenance program. You can go to the gym, jog in the park or something as simple as walking around your block. Daily walking will bring a great deal of oxygen into your tissues and help circulate your vitamins minerals and hormones to all your organs.