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Secret quotes help you to become a fashion icon

Learn by heart these following sayings shared by V-biz celebrities.

We always follow celebrities’ style to get updated with the latest trends, but why don’t you try to lead your own style instead of waiting for the others.

For the very first time, V-biz’s celebrities share their secrets to help them on top of the fashionista icons list. From now on, you will be no more copy-cat and know how to gear up your own style

Sĩ Thanh

“Petite designs are what I trust in when shopping. Besides, accessories also play an important part to create your own style”.


Hạo Đông

“I always think expensive items don’t create your style”.


Will 365

“Comfortable jeans, khaki mixed with tee or shirt are my priority”.


Cindy V



“Keeping things in harmony is the most important. It is not only feminine and elegant, but also dynamic and modern, all of these together create my own style”.


Soobin Hoàng Sơn



“Items with brighter color tones always provide you with inspiration and dynamic spirit”.

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