Maison Loyalty Program

At Maison, we always care and strive to bring the most memorable experiences to our customers through the loyalty program – Maison Loyalty Program with a series of attractive privileges:

Synchronized customer information at all brands across Maison’s system, so that customers will accumulate points and get benefits from all transactions instead of just at a single brand as before.

Accumulated points can be used for many purposes: directly subtracting from the next purchase bill, or for redeeming vouchers and gifts…

Easy to track and update with Maison Online mobile app: view accumulated points, member rank, store addresses, feedback on our products and services, and join challenges to get bonus points.


All Customers who buy goods at MAISON with registered names and phone numbers will be recorded as MAISON Member Customers. At any time during the promotion period, if the customer has the total value of purchases at MAISON that corresponds to the conditions below, they are entitled to EXCLUSIVE benefits under the Promotion Policy.

Conditions for each rank:

– Premier: applicable to customers with total spending under 19’999’999 VND

– Elite: applicable to customers with total spending from 20’000’000 VND to 49’999’999 VND

– Platinum: applicable to customers with total spending from 50’000’000 VND to less than 99’999’999 VND

– Diamond: applicable to customers with total spending of 100’000’000 VND or more.


– Total spending calculated on both full price and discounted purchase invoices

For Birthday Offer(s):

Conditions that apply Birthday Voucher(s):

– Voucher is only valid for use in the birthday month (Valid until the end of the 28th, 30th or 31st depending on the actual month).

– Customers must claim this voucher on the Maison Online app and open the barcode for store staff to scan to use.

– Each customer will only receive 1 birthday voucher per year.

– You should update your birthday before the 25th of the previous month to receive this bonus, otherwise you will have to wait for the next birthday offer.

– Note, you can only update your birthday twice (the first time you register the information on the app and the second time is to change if there is an error) but you will still only receive this birthday bonus point once a year.


Corresponding to the conditions for each loyalty level: Premier, Elite, Platinum, or Diamond, Maison will renew the tier for customers based on the customer’s total spending in the previous calendar year.

– Premier: applicable to customers with total spending under 20 million VND

– Elite: applicable to customers with total spending from 20 million VND to 49’999’999 VND

– Platinum: applicable to customers with total spending from 50 million VND to 99’999’999 VND

– Diamond: applicable to customers with total spending of 100 million VND or more.

Points accumulated in the year will be valid until the end of the calendar year. For example, all points accumulated in 2022 (from January to December 2022) will be valid until December 31st 2022.

Points will be deducted immediately after use.

Points are not redeemable for cash.



New customers or customers who have never provided information at Maison before:

– Customers create their own accounts on the Maison Online mobile app, or,

– Account will be automatically created on the system when a customer shops at Maison’s stores and provides a phone number to store staff.

Customers who have shopped at Maison:

– An account will be created on the system using the phone number that the customer has registered before

Mobile application name: Maison Online

Download at:

System App Store (iOS) Play Store (Android)
QR Code


Points will start to be accumulated for all customers from their first purchase invoice from 1st January, 2022.

4.3. USAGE:

– Customers download the Maison Online app on their phones to log in, update their personal information, and track their accumulated points and exclusive benefits.

– Customers will have to give their registered phone number to the store staff when shopping to accumulate points.

– Points will still be accumulated regardless of whether the customer has the Maison Online app or not, however, Maison encourages customers to use the app so as not to miss out on exclusive benefits only available on the app.


– MAISON will not be responsible for handling the benefits of the customer if the information provided by the customer is not complete and accurate, or if the time limit for benefits is exceeded as prescribed by the Maison Loyalty Program.

– All conditions and preferential policies when participating in the Maison Loyalty Program may change depending on the regulations from time to time of MAISON RETAIL MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL.

– The loyalty program does not apply to customers who buy wholesale, buy goods for the purpose of buying and reselling.


Hotline: 1900 252 538


Working time: 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday

Address: 189 Duong Ba Trac, Ward 1, District 8, HCMC

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