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Mai Son: “The most important thing in fashion is expression”

Vietnamese women can also dress up beautifully just like those who live in the world fashion capital. 

That was the question Mai Son asked herself in a few years ago and she found out the answer when being the pioneer in bringing famous international fashion brands to Vietnam. 

For her, fashion is the real passion. Mai Son started her business with her own hobby and the challenge of bringing the world fashion to Vietnamese women. After 15 years of running business, Mai Son as built her own empire with more than 20 famous fashion brands from Mango, Topshop, Christian Louboutin, Karen Millen. 

Bazaar (BZ): How would you describe the feeling between the negotiation with Mango and the one with CH Carolina Herrera?

Mai Son (MS): The first negotiation with Mango in 2003 is different. At that time, I had to meet my partners many times to evaluation the ability. This time with Carolina Herrera, people already known our potential so the negotiation went quite quick and smooth.

BZ: Do you intend to design someday?

MS: No. I think God does not give anyone anything. When I have a creative mind in a trader’s business then it is hard to get creative in the art as a designer. I am more business-oriented.


BZ: Some young Vietnamese designers are talented in designing but lack the ability to build a brand. Do you think you will support them in terms of commercial?

MS: I like this idea. Maybe someday I’ll do it. Now is not the time because I am too busy with my projects. On the other hand, there must be some time for young designer to practice and gain their own experience. At that time, the cooperation will be more favorable.

BZ: 15 years pursuing the fashion industry, what is the most interesting or most challenging thing for you?

MS: It is interesting that I often go abroad to learn and exchange experience in the fashion industry. The challenge is to choose which collections are most suitable for Vietnamese customers.


BZ: Are you addicted to fasion?

MS: Yes, I am. I like to wear different style of fashion. Hobby like that sometimes makes things more difficult. However, self-confident is the most important thing.

BZ: What brought you to such success today?

MS: Being passionate about what you do and constantly learn new things.

BZ: Thank you!

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam
Words: Yen Le
Photo by Bobby Nguyen
Make Up: Tuan Nguyen