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Lovely tropical dresses of Topshop

The tropical inspiration is invading from catwalks to every lavish street corner, and Topshop is no exception. The latest designs are full of tropical spirit, with a gentle touch and romantic finishing.

Be free and explore the unseen
Say hello to the dreamland with beautifully renovated designs with petite taste of modern fashion.

Urban chic’s summer outfit shall include dynamic and energetic pieces. Yet, the feminine is nicely injected in the orange little floral dress, mixed with a military-inspired jacket.

The embroidery flower motifs are still the hottest trend and Topshop has applied them perfectly throughout the capsule. Beautiful flowers have made the denim dress and mini jeans dress more elegant and courteous.

The iconic wrap-dress is tailored made with pleats and floral prints, giving any muses a liberal look.

The rustic beauty of nature
That not only embroidery and prints but also the spirit the new collection spreads to our sweet girls. The capsule imbues with romantic style and focuses on feminine cut-outs and delicate aesthetics.

Floral print remains the number one on-trend-item of the season. Straight midi off-shoulder dress is the BFF for any girls’ wardrobes, with lovely floral motifs and gentle materials

Meanwhile, slitting and ruffle details reveal both seductive and wild mood for those who adore nature beauty and love exploring. Unique asymmetrical details and flying lapels are lovely plus.

The signature mint blue of the season will surely stun fashion followers thanks to its natural and rustic beauty. Slip-dress designed with elegant cut-out in lace material, expressing the most sensuality in harmony with the nature.