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Letter-perfect love notes from Ted

A true romantic at heart, Ted wears his heart on his impeccably tailored sleeve, and while not one to kiss and tell, suffice to say he has penned a love letter or two in his day. As Women’s Day approaches, there’s no better way to let your sweetheart know you care than a hand-written declaration of your affections. Follow Ted’s romantic tips and ensure your letter is just as stylish as you are.

Step 1: Get inspired
Hit the books, Romeo! While modern slang may have its place in today’s hasty communications, a love letter is no place for shortcuts. If passionate prose isn’t your forte, look to the masters for a little inspiration. Shakespeare’s sonnets are a good (though oh-so-predictable) place to start, but dig a little deeper and you’re sure to find something more unique. From Lewis Carroll to Winston Churchill, history’s most eloquent minds have composed tender letters that would bring a tear to even the most stoic eye.

Step 2: Perfect your penmanship
Honeyed words tend to lose their lustre when scrawled sloppily in illegible hieroglyphs. If your handwriting resembles chicken scratch, consider taking a Calligraphy course to tidy things up a bit before putting quill to paper. London-based calligrapher Lucy of Quill London thinks if something is worth saying, it’s worth saying in extravagant cursive, “Calligraphy in a love letter is a wonderful way to show that you have taken time and care over your letter. You can’t fail but to make your special someone smile when they see a beautiful piece of writing that you have created yourself.”

Step 3: Choose your canvas
Once your script is letter-perfect, it’s time to select a deserving canvas. After all, when spilling your soul onto a sheet of paper, no ordinary sheet of A4 will do. For a nostalgic touch, Lucy recommends making things personal with Bespoke Letterhead. “Personalised stationery is the most stylish way to correspond,” she says. “I always use my own stationery with a gold-foiled header when sending a special note of thanks.”

Step 4: Evoke the senses

Now your letter is a visual masterpiece, why not invoke another sense with a touch of fragrance? It’s well known that the sense of smell is closely linked to memory, and the right scent can be an enchanting reminder of one’s sweetheart or of moments spent together.

Step 5: Hidden treat
To be sure, the most treasured contents of any love letter will be the author’s heartfelt professions of love and devotion, but there’s certainly no harm in sweetening the deal! Ted suggests surprising your loved one with tickets to a show, or a sentimental trinket – his unique earrings or necklace, perhaps? For a gent lucky enough to be Cupid’s target, arrow shaped cufflinks will certainly win his heart.