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HCM – Marketing Operations Supervisor

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The Marketing supervisor is an essential marketing operations, execution & account management role within our company with the core objective of supporting sales, brand growth and execution of marketing initiatives. Please read this JD carefully as we have very clear expectations on a candidate’s capabilities and scope of work.

You are an experienced marketing supervisor who has strong organization, project management and communication skills with the ability to execute, meet deadlines, oversee a team and coordinate with both internal and external stakeholders as required.

You will work with the Marketing Director and brand supervisors to prepare a marketing calendar, budget and allocate based on activities. As this position will be in charge of multiple fashion brands, a deep understanding of the fashion industry, brand positioning, differentiation, target audiences and consumer insights will be essential.

You must take the lead to connect with and regularly update overseas brand principals to roll out global campaigns locally while maintaining consistency and meeting brand guidelines across all digital, BTL and ATL activities.

Trade marketing will be an essential scope of this role. You understand the principles of sales mechanics along with the importance of not devaluing brands by utilizing value add sales schemes such as a GWP gift with purchase. You will work with brand supervisors, principals, internal stakeholders and external service providers to execute trade marketing campaigns with enough lead time to launch successfully both online and within stores on a monthly basis.

Organizing an event, sponsorship or activation does not intimate you. A BTL in store activation might have a budget of just a few thousand dollars. An ATL event sponsorship might have a budget of $50,000. A premium event for our VIP clients will require an exclusive, intimate experience combining creativity with excellent attention to detail. You can confidently manage a budget for run of show, back drop, activities, entertainment, gifts and to do list for an event of any size with any budget.

Rollout of brand or trade marketing campaigns will include printing & production of light boxes, posters, SMS & EDM and any other communication activity. Online you will work with the Social Media & Content supervisor and Digital supervisor to ensure execution of campaign communications within your allocated budget and coordinate with the PR & Media team on suitable KOL seeding, influencer & celebrity ambassadors.

You must also be confident in your ability to reach out and work with other brands and companies to negotiate strategic, win / win partnerships that will enable us to tap into targeted, highly qualified client bases. For example, our premium brands may only need 1,500 clients a year. How can we partner with a luxury automobile retailer to add value to their VIP customers? If you manage our mass fashion brands, we might build partnerships banks for voucher distribution to deliver unique offers to their employees or client bases.

Most importantly – you are resourceful, you execute and you are a team player. We are looking for someone who can take consistent action, produce results, is not wasteful and works well with others within our company.


Brand Principal & Management

Outcome: develop the long term growth strategy, maintenance and management of our brands within the Vietnam market

● Manage a portfolio of fashion brands within Maison including the budget, calendar and sales promotions.

● Be the contact point for our overseas brand principals regarding the marketing calendar, upcoming collections, campaigns and initiatives.

● Follow the approval process for marketing activities as required by the brand principal and provide regular updates as needed.

● Support CMO and Marketing supervisors in the brand development strategies appropriate for the target market, audience and relevant consumer insights of each brand

● Ensure clear target audiences, above the line & below the line marketing communication messaging and activities are set appropriately for each portfolio brand.

● Coordinate with regional principles as required on the integrity, growth and performance of the brand

Trade Marketing Campaigns

Outcome: Support our brand supervisors and stores to drive sales via outstanding sales promotions & schemes that do not devalue our brands

● Be fully responsible as the contact point between marketing and brand supervisors for sales promotions and schemes on a monthly basis.

● You will own the budget for trade market management, purchasing and campaign execution.

● Work with non competitive external brands to build partnerships for a gift with purchase that is suitable and relevant to our brand – for example, on valentines women who buy clothes in our store will receive a lipstick or mirror from a cosmetic company we partnered with.

● Oversee the printing, production and rollout in stores of POSM, poster, delivery of gifts / vouchers / other sales mechanics assets on time

● Oversee the communications of trade marketing campaigns via SMS, EDM and online by working with the Social Media & Content supervisor or Digital Agency

● Manage the entire project and ensure deadlines are met by all parties

OOH & Display Media

Outcome: Drive excellent brand awareness within malls, our stores and other high traffic areas.

● Coordinate the with Brand supervisors and Brand Principals to update light boxes and visual merchandise in our stores based on which collections we have purchased and are currently selling

● Be fully accountable to own the budget and execution of this

● Work with malls or other OOH providers on budget, length of time and set up of creatives

● Deliver POSM and posters to stores as needed

Corporate Partnerships

Outcome: To increase marketing distribution by building value added partnerships allowing us to reach target client bases.

● Build partnerships with other companies that will allow us to reach their client bases in a way that adds value to them

● For our mass brands, we may want to work with companies with a large employee base, banks, restaurants, gyms and other consumer facing venues for voucher distribution

● For our premium brands, we may want to work with a luxury automobile retailer or another VIP customer segment

● You will own the mechanics, negotiation, budget and execution of these activities

New Store Opening & Client Events

Outcome: We now have over 100 stores. But what would we do differently if we were opening our very first store? This is the culture and mindset we must maintain as we launch each new location.

● Coordinate with the PR & Media team on event

● Own the budget and be the project supervisor for the event set up, sourcing and execution

● Ensure the run of show for events operates smoothly

● Coordinate with all parties involved for successful execution of the events

In Store Experience

Outcome: To support the constant delivery of an amazing in store client experience

● Ensure the latest campaign visuals and assets are updated in the store light box

● Work with brand supervisors of constantly improving the in store client experience.

Support brand supervisors on improvement and updating of visual merchandise

Required experience/ Skill detail

–       Minimum Bachelor’s Degree major in Marketing, Business Administration or related fields.

–       3+ years’ experience in Marketing, branding and communications or relevant experience in fashion

–       Experience in the fashion industry is strongly preferred and a huge plus

–       Experience in creating marketing strategies for consumer products is a must

–       Experience in marketing operations and project management is an absolute requirement

–       Experience budgeting management and reporting is highly valuable

–       Strong project management and organization skills

–       Strong listening skills and judgment to make wise decisions in the interest of Maison RMI

Strive for impact and high performance. Hunger for success with a commitment to getting things done

Job overview

  • Working time: 09h00 – 18h00 Monday to Friday
  • Annual health check
  • 12 days of annual leave.
  • Fixed 13th-month salary bonus annually
  • Annual performance review for salary raise and promotion.
  • Parking allowance
  • Teambuilding + Special company’s event
  • Private Sales
  • Discount card for employee (up to 20%).

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