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HCM – Finance Controller

Job description detail

A financial Controller’s goal in a company is to maximize profits. Financial Controllers perform data analysis and advise managers on ways to maximize profits, making them responsible for the finances of a company. They create financial reports, investment strategies and long-term financial goals for the business, and they make it easier for everyone to understand in simpler terms the financial state of a business

1. Finance Efficiency:
– Develop, implement, and ensure compliance with internal financial policies and procedures in the entire company including the report systems of the financial internal audits.
– Build, develop, analyze financial statements for management purposes.
– Develop management report to provide helpful information to BOD and operation team.
– Analyze financial statements and accounting reports to find risks issues in performance trends throughout operation of the company, as well as propose to BOD the improvement and development needs.
– Forecast and analyze the trends of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), especially relating to financial metrics such as sales, expenditures, and profit margin monthly, semi-annually, annually.
– Advise BM/CEO with revenue & cost management of commercial Risk from concentration of sales.
– Evaluate and develop financial strategy, including risk minimization plans and opportunity forecasting.
2. Finance Optimization & Development:
– Conduct financial research in support of project feasibility and due diligence requirements.
– Develop, perform, and maintain proprietary financial modelling and analysis on key projects and provide solution-oriented ideas to enhance project outcomes and process improvements.
– Develop plans for financial growth
– Explore investment options and present risk and opportunities.
3. Budget management:
– Establish standards and procedures to guide the administration of organizational budgeting and manage their implementation.
– Organize, lead, and manage annually budget project to ensure company’s departments meet their budget submission deadlines.
– Advise the BOD and BOM on funding applications to facilitate implementation of the budget.
– Monitor, find issues during execution of the budget and advise appropriate solutions.
– Reviews all budget amendments, strategic plans, and performance measures.
4. Cashflow Management:
– Monitor and balance cash flows into and out of a business to meet obligations and optimize investment.
– Manage external banking relationships.
– Establish and implement cash reversed policy to minimize the finance risks in emergency circumstances.
5. Finance System Transformation:
– Develop interface framework for the reporting outputs produced by the current operating software to serve the requirements of finance and accounting standards.
– Consider the existing accounting software, improve, and find appropriate IT solutions to the software for management and standard report systems.
6. People Management:
– Present leadership and give directions to the team of the Finance and Treasury Department.
– Monitor, guide, train and develop employees for within the Finance & Treasury function.
– Cooperate with the HR department in the recruitment process.
7. Other tasks assigned by direct supervisor/manager/Director

Required experience/ Skill detail

– Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Accounting, Corporate Finance, Economics, Business or related field.
– Possession of any of CFA, CPA, ACCA, MBA certification is an added advantage.
– Minimum 5 years of related work experience with direct experience in finance & treasury.
– Excellent knowledge of local tax laws, tax accounting as well as international tax standards compliance. Strong experience as tax advisor.
– Good at project management and risk management.
– Experience of working as part of an integrated team to create value to the business through managing tax & treasury processes, provision of technical expertise and commercial business partnering experiences.
– Good exposure to cash flow/financial planning/banking is an advantage.
– Good communication in English spoken & written skills.

Job overview

– Working time: 09h00 – 18h00 Monday to Friday.

– Annual health check.

– 12 days of annual leave.

– 13th-month salary bonus annually.

– Annual performance review for salary raise and promotion.

– Parking allowance.

– Teambuilding + Special company’s event.

– Private Sales.

– Discount card for employee (up to 20%).

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