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HCM – Customer Relationship Management Manager

Job description detail

I.       JOB BRIEF

We are looking for a CRM Manager who will be responsible for conducting cross team projects that will impact the most positively the acquisition, retention, and growth of the company’s customers leveraging extensive customer data points and CRM channels. The individual will bring together task teams and external partners and deliver on prioritized initiatives that will ADD most value in a customer’s lifetime.


Manage and Update New & Existing Client Data 

– Manage and update lead and customer data updated in CRM across all channels including online, e-commerce platform, offline stores, loyalty app and any third party platforms or sources

– Ensure all lead & customer data sources are maintained and all integrations or API’s function and are improved

– As best as possible, develop a way to map customer data from online store with offline stores to tie revenue and purchasing history to each unique person

– Audit and minimize amount of “duplicated” customer data or leads

– Identify ways to improve and maximize amount of data fields captured over time for each lead / customer

– Develop a “tag strategy” to ensure actions or purchases are always recorded and tied to each customer or lead

– Develop a data segmentation strategy based on lead or customer actions and purchasing behavior to best segments data into actionable marketing “lists” or cohorts

Marketing Automation

– Build customer journeys across both online and offline touchpoints to maximize customer acquisition, retention and growth strategies

– Develop automations including new lead welcome, converting leads into first time purchases, introducing new products, abandoned carts, increasing repeat purchases, upselling and downselling products, generating referrals, cross selling relevant brands, collecting net promoter scores and more

– Set up CRM tools to allow execution of automation and communications across multiple channels including Web push, app push, email, SMS, chat and more

– Own and constantly improve all automation rules and triggers for different lead and customer actions

– Coordinate with Social Media & Content Manager on preparing structure & content plan for email automation sequences

– Work with current freelance CRM service provider to improve current systems and become the lead owner of marketing automation within Maison.


– Split test and constantly optimize automation campaign content including email designs, body, headlines, images, creatives, messaging and more

– Build out a promotional automation calendar to support trade marketing and work with marketing team & brand team on execution of sales campaigns via automation

– Apply a holistic end to end customer journey optimization approach to focus on how automation campaigns could be improved beyond “email / SMS” such as by optimizing the URL destination link, product page, checkout process

– Work with E-commerce team, customer service, digital marketing

Loyalty App

The CRM Manager will have ownership over customer data, points and automations to maximize revenue generation via the app

– Have ownership over the Maison loyalty app’s customer data, automations and manage existing credit or points

– Work with marketing team and brand team to maximize customer points to incentivize first time and repeat purchases via the app

– Develop campaigns and automations to increase revenue and customer LTV via the app

– Work with marketing team for a campaign calendar to include introducing new products, sales promotions, cross selling, upselling, and other activities

Revenue Generation & Reporting

– Develop and own the entire funnel reporting for all marketing automation campaigns for both new leads and existing customer data

– Create and measure customer cohorts based on new and repeat purchasing behavior and accurately measure customer LTV of each cohort

– Build and manage a marketing automation dashboard to report on data growth by cohort, list, campaign performance, revenue, customer lifetime value & ROI

– Tie in automation reporting from multiple sources including CRM, loyalty app, customer service, Google analytics, adwords, FB, tag manager, Hotjar or other web analytics and more to effectively pull out the most

– Determine the best method to accurately measure revenue when factoring multiple sources and attributions

– Work with CMO to set targets on subscriber growth, first time purchase growth, revenue growth, LTV growth and repeat purchases.

Required experience/ Skill detail

– Minimum Bachelor’s Degree major in Marketing, Business Administration, or related fields. Degree in technology strongly preferred

– 8+ years’ experience in technology, automation, business intelligence

– Experience in using marketing automation software

– Experience in e-commerce is a strong plus

– Strong understanding of data visualization, reporting, segmentation, and technology

– A creative mindset and understanding of fashion selection is strongly required.

– Strong project management and organization skills

– Strive for impact and high performance. Hunger for success with a commitment to getting things .

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