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HCM – Customer Experience Manager

Job description detail


As Customer Experience Manager who will be responsible for conducting cross team projects that will impact the most positively the experience of customers at each step of their journey in a durable way. The CX will bring together task teams and deliver on prioritized initiatives that will add most value in a customer’s lifetime. 


  • Direct superior: COO 
  • Direct reports: Customer Experience Staffs 
  • Major internal communication: All departments  
  • Major external communications: End Customers 



  • Analyze customer pain points / needs among several cohorts to identify the most impactful initiatives to improve CLV. 
  • Benchmark leading actors in customer experience & understand the market to propose the best implementation of CLV initiatives for end customers. 
  • Create & manage CX project roadmap, and drive the initiatives to implement your vision. 
  • Coordinate task teams around CX initiatives from initiation to successful implementation. 
  • Modelize and implement programs that will improve organic acquisition and retention while fitting in the customers’ journey (loyalty, referral). 
  • Manage CS and CRM indirectly for any matter related to customer experience. 
  • Operate autonomously; drive programs end to end including business goals, technical solution (with the support of product team) and all customer and seller-facing aspects. 

Required experience/ Skill detail

  • Minimum 5 years of solid B2C and/or strategy background. 
  • Preferred master’s degree in business / economics / finance / marketing. 
  • Excellent project management skills, including demonstrated ability to think end-to-end, manage long-term projects and manage multiple projects simultaneously. 
  • Exceptional data management skills, SQL is a plus. 
  • Strong negotiation skills / ability to convince and influence teams. 
  • Strong ability to investigate problems at hand, dive deep to the root cause of a problem, find systematic gaps, support it with analytical data and finally address the issue. 
  • Strong listening and judgement skills to make wise decisions in the interest of the company. 
  • Result oriented, strong commitment to deliver expected outputs. 
  • Ability to learn and highly adaptive. 
  • Above average English both proficiency and comprehension. 

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