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Is your iPhone ruining your skin?


If you spend most of the day staring at a screen, take note: there’s news that light from mobile devices ages your skin.

It’s not really talked about worldwide yet, but among beauty-conscious people in Japan, there is a lot of information. They all explain that “blue light” or high-energy visible light emitted from your phones, computers, and tablets penetrates more deeply into layers of skin than the sun’s UV rays, thus accelerating aging. It damages where collagen or hyaluronic acid or elastin resides.

One 2008 study concluded blue light delays skin barrier recovery after exposure, and another 2014 study said that, compared to UVB radiation, blue light resulted in more pronounced hyperpigmentation, but there’s really no further concrete evidence of the extent that HEV exposure may cause in the long run.

However, no need to freak out about your electronic devices causing wrinkles. SPF is still your best bet against skin damage from all sources of light. But consider this a cue to put your phone down.