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Instagram’s Best Halloween Makeup

Instagrammers – Challenge accepted!

Just a quick scroll through your feed and it’s obvious: Instagram has become an all-important source for beauty inspo. And in the weeks leading up to Halloween, it’s a whole different ball game with elaborate, out-of-the-box makeup ideas that are amazingly creative. Whether it’s super spooky, crazy beautiful, or a political statement in and of itself, we’re mesmerized.

1. Pop art Marilyn Monroe

Forget her looks from The Seven Year Itch or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, if you’re going to be Marilyn Monroe take a graphic, pop art approach—just don’t forget the red lips.


2. Koan from Sailor Moon

Take on the youngest Ayakashi sister with a crescent moon, magenta on the waterlines, and a dark plum pout.



There’s no Halloween like the present to celebrate that #LoveisLove.


4. Oil-slick rainbow

This look may require a sand art hair dye job to match, but what could be cooler than a neon-bright, oil-slicked rainbow face?


5. American horror story hotel mattress lady

If you’re a freak for American Horror Story Hotel, try your hand at becoming the scary mattress lady with a key.


6. Rainbow vomit

Let’s taste the rainbow.


7. Skull face

If you’re out for scares, throw on your favorite LBD and meticulously paint on this hyper-real skull makeup.


8. Mosaic neckpiece

If you’re not a makeup wiz per se, try creating a mosaic neckpiece made from magazine cut-out fragments.


9. Flapper

Transform yourself into a Roaring Twenties siren with pearlescent smoky eyes, ultra-skinny brows, and a dark violet pout with a prominent cupid’s bow.


10. The Mad Hatter

A bright red wig, brilliant white lashes, and a red lip are an easy entrée into Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter.


11. Galaxy

If you’re hoping to achieve an out-of-this-world look, take some cues from this Beauty Boy on painting a colorful galaxy across your face, flecked with stars.