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Innerstanding by Maverick Sabre

For the brand new lifestyle piece of, we welcomed the talented, up and coming British musician Maverick Sabre, talking about music, fashion and his new album “Innerstanding”.

How did your music career start?

The journey as a musician started quite young. My father was a musician, I was brought up with real music, was always in bands growing up and music was part of my upbringing, part of my household. I was raised with American Blues, rock’n roll and Irish folk music. I started playing guitar when I was 8 years old and my music got developed into soul, reggae and hip hop, I became an MC in hip hop scene when I was 14 years old and started gigging from there, moved back to London when I was 17 years old and that’s when the journey really began.

How did you choose the type of music you play?

I don’t think there was any point where there was a decision on what I wanted to play, it was what I felt, the music I always loved listening to, and that’s the music I create. I want to love the music I create , I wanna love the music I play , because that’ a part of me, you know, it’s a reflection of me. So there was never a point that it was a decision, it was the music that I love and I’ve found my own way within that.

How about your new album?

My new album is called Innerstanding, it’s out on October 30th, and it took 3 years to make, and the reason the record is called Innerstanding is because in the last three years I travelled a lot, I have learnt more about myself in the last three years then I think I’ve learnt the majority of my life. I’ve changed as a person and the record I made is a reflection of that. I’m looking forward to people hearing it because once people hear this album, it is a more introspective record and will let people understand me as a person and as an artist.

Firts time you met Dean and Dan Caten?

Well, I actually met Dean and Dan in London, at Ronnie Scott’s famous jazz club. I was playing there with my band for Elton John Aids Foundation concert. I came off stage and that was the first time we met. They saw me and they said: “Do you wanna fly out to Milan next week?” I said “Ok, yeah for sure”. And they actually flew me to Milan that was the first time I’ve been in a fashion show, was in June, I went down to the Men’s fashion week, and that was my introduction to Dsquared2.

Your relationship to fashion?

I think that fashion is something that wasn’t important to me growin’up and music is always the key, fashion and everything else is secondary, but I think fashion is a reflection, what you wear is a reflection of you. It’s something I’m learning. This whole experience, coming to Milan, meeting Dean and Dan, being around a new way of being in a new industry is something I am learning, it’s a good experience for me, and it’s opening me up.

I’m Maverick Sabre, thank you to Dean and Dan for having me over and experiencing Milan again with Dsquared2. Always keep loving what you have: fashion, vulnerability and honesty, always. Thank you.