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In a Love Rut? Try These 15 Romantic Date Ideas

When it comes to dating, it’s hard to break out of the box. Dinner, movie, cocktail, repeat. While there’s nothing wrong with those types of dates, they’re awfully predictable—and predictable hardly equals passion. That’s why sometimes, a couple’s gotta be resourceful and think about some seriously romantic date ideas.

Not all romantic dates have to involve grand gestures, or a lot of money—they just require a little creativity. From learning how to dance to glamping, here are 15 romantic date ideas—whether it’s your first date or 40th—that’ll be impossible to mess up.

1. Learn to dance
Nothing brings two people together quite like dancing. Plenty of studios offer classes for first-timers, and couples, and we suggest trying a form of dance new to both of you like salsa or ballroom. Don’t worry about getting the steps perfect, either, just have fun with it.

2. Wander a bookstore
Wander the aisles of your favorite neighborhood bookstore, pick up books that seem interesting, grab a spot in a corner on the floor, and unwind together reading and chatting. Looking for a conversation starter? Head to the travel section and start talking about your dream trips.

3. Meet for drinks at a local landmark
There is a reason romantic scenes in movies often happen landmarks—it is downright romantic. So whether you are near the Top of the Space Needle in Seattle or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, share a drink together while taking the scenery in.

4. Play tourists in your hometown
Spend a day in your hometown exploring like you’re tourists. Have lunch at that cool bistro you’ve been meaning to try, visit that museum you never got around to visiting, and take your picture together next to a local landmark.

5. The call-in-sick date
Sure, you’re supposed to be at the office, but doing something unexpected and calling in sick to spend the entire day with that special someone is a little bit naughty and very fun. Order takeout, watch movies, and just enjoy each other’s company. Whatever you do, don’t check your e-mail.

6. Dine on the floor together
Plan a dinner feast on the floor using cozy throws and soft pillows. Small bites that you can feed each other will only add to the romantic evening.

7. Plan a picnic

Even if you are just in your backyard, plan a picnic complete with a blanket and snacks, and spend the afternoon relaxing. Because seriously, what is sexier than feeding each other grapes while hanging out, outside.

8. Create a fragrance together
Scientists have said for some time that scent plays a huge role in whether you fall in love with someone. So why not create your own perfume or cologne together? Look up recipes for scents online, or take a class together.

9. Take a romantic drive

Every town has one—that special spot with a view where couple’s gravitate towards to park, listen to love songs, and get hot ‘n heavy in the backseat. So take a drive.

10. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise together
When was the last time the two of you caught a sunrise? Check the time online at and set your alarm. Grab a thermos of coffee, a blanket, and enjoy the calm of the morning together.

11. Test your luck together
Whether you like blackjack or roulette, a night at the casino makes for a great date. Make sure to set a limit on how much you want to spend though, nothing kills the mood like losing a lot of money.

12. Play in the rain

This won’t be a date that you can plan in advance unfortunately, but should it start raining outside, embrace it, give up control, and have fun dancing in the rain together.

13. Learn a romantic foreign language
French, Italian, Spanish, and many others, simply sound romantic. Take an intro-class together for a language that neither of you speak, and practice whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, in a new language!

14. Read each other’s Tarot Cards
Take turns reading each other’s fortunes using Tarot Cards. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, it will make for one fun evening spent together.

15. Find an international grocery store and browse the aisles
Cooking always makes for a great date night activity. Give the cooking date a spin, heading to a nearby international grocery store, so you can experiment with new recipes and ingredients.