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How to style your jeans for New Year’s Eve


When you think about your New Year’s outfit, jeans are at the bottom of the list of what you can wear on New Year’s Eve. Still, be aware that they might be the different touch you need to stand out on Silvester’s night, too.

To do it right, get inspiration from the 1970s and 1980s, and match them to high heels, jeans and a flamboyant top, as well as accessories that bring out your shine, of course.

Jeans and Velvet

Jeans bụi bặm sẽ mang lại hơi thở khác biệt cho bữa tiệc đêm nhưng khi kết hợp với nhung quý phái lại là một cặp đôi vừa đủ cá tính, vừa đủ trang nhã.

Sexy tops


V-neck tops with a low cut always bring out the best of both world.

Statement jackets

Colors, textures, and sparkle!


You can always be subtle with a leather jacket or a coat when going out with jeans.

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