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How to Make Every Lunch Break Count

On average, we spend about 99,117 hours at work in a lifetime – but your lunch hour is yours, so use it for YOU time!

There’s a lot to be said for taking an hour out of a working day. We always feel more better after a break away from the desk, plus time flies when you’re looking forward to something. Studies prove that productivity is increased, moods are boosted and, of course, it could do your mind and body some good. We think it’s time to balance out working hard with playing hard too. Here’s how to do it…

1 Invest 45 Minutes to Get Fit
With darker mornings and rainy evenings there’s always a reason to not be going to the gym. Luckily, we’ve found a bit more time in the day to fit in a workout. Gyms all around the country are starting to host 30 – 45 minute classes during working hours, giving you another chance to detox and de-stress.

2 Reclaim 10 Minutes to Clear Your Head
If sweating for 35 minutes during the day isn’t quite up your alley, you could always just go for a walk to clear your mind (and run some errands). Walking is a great stress-buster and also where some people find their greatest ideas come from. Plus the fresh air could probably do your eyes some good! Use a pedometer app and challenge your friends to a step-challenge to keep your motivation levels up.

3 Reclaim 30 Minutes to Get Pampered
When you look good, you feel good and everyone will notice! Cuticles looking a bit drab? Fringe in need of a trim? Nothing is more luxurious than checking into a spa for some midday YOU time. There are so many salons that now offer express or lunchtime deals, so make sure to find your local and you’ll never have a hair out of place.

4 Invest 40 Minutes on a Catch-Up
You spend so many hours working with your colleagues, but when do you get the chance for some guilt-free chatter? Make a rule that at least once a week you all head to the canteen, kitchen or nearby cafe and have a natter. It’s also a great chance to discuss different recipes to keep your lunches interesting!

5 Reclaim an hour to get cultured
From exhibitions, events and festivals to even short off-Broadway plays, there’s always something to see or do around town. Take your full hour and head out to explore something new. You could even get a group from work together and set up a once a month ‘Culture Club’.

6 Invest 35 Minutes on Your Latest Hobby
Ever thought you might make a great photographer? Why not try out a new skill in your lunch break? Pick up a camera and just shoot whatever takes your fancy around the office. Or how about cooking a fresh lunch during the break? Find a local class for half an hour of cooking and an impressive lunch to take back to the office.

7 Invest 50 Minutes for the Latest Novel
There’s nothing better than getting lost in fiction. If your morning commute isn’t enough reading time for the day head to a cafe, grab a sandwich and take some time to finish off that chapter. Find out which books we think you should be reading this year right here.

8 Invest 20 Minutes Planning the Rest of Your Day
Being organised will free up a lot more of your time. Need to book in appointments? Take some time out with your dairy for some phone calls or scheduling appointments. You could also prep recipes and buy ingredients to save you time on dinner when you get home.

And of course, there’s always time for a spot of shopping. That’s never time poorly spent…