How to Keep Your Workout Clothes Smelling Fresh

Staying active with a busy lifestyle is hard enough, but the added pressure of making sure you don’t stink up the office when you finish your workout can be more stress than it’s worth. Follow these tips to keep your workout clothes smelling fresh:

Ditch Your Detergent
If your normal detergent isn’t doing it for you anymore, you can switch to a specially formulated sport detergent to deter odors. Try Tide Sport with Febreeze for clothes that won’t reek after you’ve finished your cardio.


Keep Your Gym Bag Fresh
Keep a couple dryer sheets in your gym bag to keep your clothes, shoes, and socks smelling fresh over time. Try finding a gym bag with an outer slot for your shoes, so that the odor doesn’t get trapped in with your clothes.

Amp Up Your Wash Cycle
If your clothes still come out of the washer smelling sweaty, try pre-soaking your clothes in white vinegar to remove stubborn odors. Add one cup of white vinegar to a sinkful of cold water and soak clothes for thirty minutes before placing in the washer as usual. White vinegar is a miracle cure for odors around the house and in your laundry, and it can be used before your normal washing routine.

Avoid Fabric Softener
Fabric softener coats the fibers of your clothes and prevents them from getting fully cleaned. If odor is an issue, avoid using fabric softener. This will allow your detergent to do its best work.

Prevention is Key
The best way to remove odors from your clothes is to not have odors in the first place, so use the preventative steps above to keep your clothes from getting out of hand. If odors do take over your life, remember to swap out your fabric softener for a quick pre-soak in white vinegar.