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How to find suits for a muscular physique

Finding a suit that fits correctly is a challenge to all urban guys, especially those who have muscle bodies.  

Having made a name for themselves by championing the razor sharp and super skinny suit, Topman have just introduced Muscle Fir suit collection to offer a superior fit for anyone who might not fit a regular Topman suit.

Designed to offer more room in the shoulders, under the arms and in the sleeves, without going up in size across the waist, the Muscle Fit range will fit as it should.

Below are key points to learn by heart when shopping for Muscle Fit suit: 

Important thing when buying a suit:
Just finding one that fits without needing a massive amount of tailoring. It’s got to look good too but there’s always that extra layer of hassle.

The big problem areas:
Getting the jacket to fit around my chest without it gaping when it’s done up is a big one. The other is finding trousers that have enough room around my thighs to allow me to sit down.

The feeling you want when putting on a suit:
After all, you don’t wear a suit everyday so it has to feel like an occasion without making you feel uncomfortable.

Differences Topman Muscle Fit suits offer:
They have obviously looked at a more muscular body and worked out what needs to change. There is no tightness across the chest, either. The fabric is made from lets you move around freely as well, so you don’t look like you have been squashed inside it.

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