How to Dye Natural Hair


Nowadays, there’s a huge misconception about dying your hair. We’ve got a few tips and trends that will have you rockin’ your natural mane in style.

1. Test Run

Doing a strand test will give you an idea of what your hair color results will be before attempting to highlight or color your full head. Ensuring that you start with a clean head is pivotal, too. Having clean hair will give you better color results. Avoid using any products that will build up on the hair after you cleanse your hair such as heavy gels or mousse.

2. Porosity Primer

Porosity test will show you how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. Having high porosity hair will enable your hair to absorb the color too fast and you will achieve uneven color results. Having low porosity hair will result in a long color-processing session, which could potentially lead to hair damage.

3. Cool & Conditioned

Remembering to condition your hair prior to your service is another tip. Use a leave-in spray conditioner prior to adding the color. Also, don’t forget to cool the hair before adding the color. Doing this acts as a hair protectant during the coloring process.

4. Due Diligence

Having an understanding of the color product is key to a successful color result. All hair color brands are not created equal. There are less harsh chemical processes you can take to achieve your desired color without risking the damage to your hair.

Using a timer to keep track of your coloring process is just important too. Be sure to read the instructions on the box; it will give direct instructions on keeping your hair color.