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How to dress like an office gentleman?

Have you ever wondered why ladies are so madly in love with office guys in suits? In fact, by just being neat and dress well at the working place you will be admired regardless of the fact that you are generous and elegant or not. Since office menswear has been assumed to be bored, coarse and lame.

Simple Backfold Embossed Clutch is his secret weapon to win the look.

In recent years, the fashion world has leveled up office menswear and so the Chic Business is born. This style of fashion shall need suit, European-style trousers, shirt, tee…and the playful spirit of the youth – tailored made with neat proportion, glam colors and a sophisticated choice in mix & match with accessories like shoes, bags and belts.


Choosing a neat and all fill outerwear is the most important issue for men. In the past, office menswear was inherently prejudiced because of baggy and oversized items, and lazy attitude towards gym. Thus, only by investing more time to do gym, you will not only have successfully reduced 50% of their bad thoughts but also upgrade your own style.

Leather Derby shoes are mostly chosen at the working place.

Black, grey and white are the three basic tones for the white-collars. However, you can add some more colors such as navy, brown and beige to bring back lively spirit for yourself. These colors are not too shiny yet still can be your hero highlights, and they are super easy to mix & match. What you need to do is to bear in mind below tips.

If you want the others to pay attention to your shoes, then don’t forget to choose an accessory with the same color. Belts, watch chains and bags are usually on top of the list.

Normally, European-style trousers and navy blazer are the best couple, an add-on same color handbag shall be its finishing touch. (Illustrated is the Embossed Leather Laptop Briefcase of Pedro)

Let’s forget the basic rule that brighter shirt must be dressed with dark trousers or vice versa. If you wear a grey suit, you should choose a shirt that has relevant color with the shoes. A metallic bangle or a simple folded pocket square would be an expensive highlight for the blazer.

Black trousers will be best with black shoes, unless you are confident enough with your beige or grey oxford when mixing with bomber jacket of same-colored handbag. Don’t let your shoes isolated just because lacking of its partners.

Beige trousers is a good choice to go with brownie shoes. In this photo, the Chic Business style is so brilliant when you mix the shoes and the blazer is in tune with each other. And the Pedro loafer nails the look with little tiny fringes.

Also, throw away your high socks and be ready to show off your sexy ankle. If you are tall enough, you can fold the trousers legs up a little bit.

Last but not least, shirts and ties are the two factors that should be eliminated from Chic Business style, since buttons and collar show off too much power. In cool days, why don’t you try on a tee and a blazer or a jacket suit? While during summer is the time for shirts with modern cuts instead of traditional ones.

One of the simple combos you can apply: grey blazer, black t-shirt and a classic black penny loafer. A messenger bag is a great highlight for the outfit.

You can also mix with a black luxe laptop briefcase instead of messenger bag.

Brownie derby shoes and handbag is the perfect couple for a playful and dynamic look.