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How To Buy Swim Trunks For Your Body Type

Summer is here, and you know what that means: you’ll most likely be spending your entire week staring out the window of your office longing for the feeling of sand between your toes. Then, you’ll hopefully be spending all weekend lounging at the beach with a cold one in hand wondering why work is even a thing in the first place. That’s what warm weather is for, right? But before you set off for the shore, there’s something just as important as making sure you have the most comfortable lounge chairs imaginable: rocking swim trunks that are made for your body type.

We’ve all seen those guys at the beach with trunks that just aren’t working for them. There are the trunks that are so short they’re basically in speedo territory, ones that are so tight they look like they might split in two, and of course the ones that are riding so low that the next big wave is bound to whisk them away, never to be seen again. As nice as it would be to just swing over to your closest apparel store and grab any ol’ pair, that won’t do you much good: there are some crucial guidelines to remember — from the length to the pattern — that will ensure you’re feeling confident and comfortable once you arrive in sandy paradise.

 Just like when you’re looking for other articles of clothing, the best way to go about shopping for swim trunks is looking to your height and build. Some people put a lot of thought into a suit or pair of jeans, but when it comes to swimwear, it’s an afterthought. By taking the time to jot down tips based on your body type, you’ll feel just as good and put-together catching waves as you do in your business meetings. And considering you’re half-naked on the beach, why wouldn’t you want to make the most of the one item of clothing you are wearing? Follow our advice, and you’re sure to find some swim trunks that look like they’re made for you.


Tall Guys

If you’re tall, there’s a good chance you have long legs. And anyone who has long legs needs to be careful that their swim trunks aren’t too short.

“Short swim trunks will only make your legs will look longer than they already are. They should hit right above the knee,” says Eric Himel, fashion expert and celebrity stylist. “If you’re tall and skinny, make sure you don’t get a bathing suit that’s too slim — this will make you look even taller and skinnier.”

As for the look of your trunks, you might want to pick something with a little personality. Himel says by choosing a pattern as opposed to a solid, you’ll visually break up the length of your legs, while something plain will make you look taller. Avoid vertical stripes for the same reason.


Short Guys

If you’re a shorter guy, you can easily elongate your body by choosing the right type of swim trunks.

“Proportion is the most important thing for short guys,” Himel says. “Pick a pair of trunks that hit the middle of your thigh and make sure it’s fitted, but not skin-tight. This will lengthen your legs and make you appear taller.”

When it comes to the print, ditch the Hawaiian flower pattern: you’ll want to stick with solid colors to visually lengthen your legs. For a pair of trunks that are simple yet stylish, try these on for size. With a 5″ inseam, they’ll hit the middle of your thigh and give you an elongated look.


Medium Guys

If you’re a happy medium — not too tall and not too short — get excited because you have the most options to choose from.

“You can go for swim trunks that are on the shorter side all the way down to just above the knees, and anything in between,” Himel says. “Pattern-wise, you’re good-to-go with anything! This is the easiest body type to buy a bathing suit for.”


Slim Guys

The most important thing to keep in mind if you’re slim is making sure your swim trunks don’t look baggy.

“You’ll want to get a tailored bathing suit, otherwise, if it’s too baggy, it’ll make you look even thinner,” Himel says. “If you can find a bathing suit that tapers in at the leg, even better.”

As for the design, a large pattern will add visual bulk to your frame. And if you want to add even more bulk, choose something with pockets.


Heavier Guys

If you’re on the heavier side, the key is to look for swim trunks that aren’t too snug or too loose.

“Make sure your bathing suit isn’t too tight. Conversely, a common mistake heavier guys make is to buy a bathing suit that’s uber-baggy to accommodate their extra weight — this just makes you look sloppy,” Himel says.

When you’re looking at the different designs, avoid horizontal stripes and light colors, as well as wide waistbands and pockets.


Muscular Guys

Anyone who’s worked hard in the gym all year long is probably dying to hit the beach come summertime, but don’t show off your assets too much.

“We get it — you spend all of your time at the gym. Your muscles are extra prominent, so no need to wear anything that’s too form fitting,” Himel says. “A more casual, looser look will make you look like you’re not trying too hard.”

Pattern-wise, there’s only one thing to keep in mind: just avoid patterns that have a curved design, as they’ll make your muscles look overly bulbous.