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How to apply eye makeup if you wear glasses to work

What’s an office chick to do if she’s the sole bespectacled babe in the boardroom? Easy: You amp up your specs appeal by adhering to these tried-and-tested tricks of the trade. Best thing yet? This look shouldn’t take you more than three minutes, tops. Brushes at the ready? Let’s go!

1. The first course of action is to even out your canvas. Skip heavy foundation and veil your face with a sheer layer of tinted moisturiser – much like cobwebs collecting in dank corners, too much product will “pill” under the rims of your glasses.

2. The shadows cast by your spectacles’ frames can create the unfortunate – pun alert – “optical illusion” of even deeper discolouration under your eyes. To annihilate this anomaly, choose a creamy concealer that’s just a shade paler than your base tone.

Here’s how to apply. Start by looking down onto a mirror placed flat on a table to locate the crescent shaped shadow beneath your eye, then carefully pat in your product with your ring finger, working from the inner corner and moving outwards. Note: Always apply judiciously, and only on shadowy areas to avoid the terribly unflattering “reverse panda” look.

To make sure your concealer stays put, tap in a tiny bit of translucent powder to “freeze” the pigments in place. Bonus: This also prevents the product from slipping and sliding down the nose bridge of your bifocals. Pat off excess by lightly cupping your palms against your face.

3. Using a damp brush, pick up some shimmery sand-coloured shadow (skip the burgundies or blues as those bruise-y hues will quite literally give you a “black eye”) and sweep this all over your lids – this will lend your eyes a lovely luminosity. The “blinking” effect of the pop of pearlescence as you open and close your peepers can be very fetching indeed.

4. Time for some liner. Here’s a useful rule of thumb: The thicker your frames, the thicker your liner should be. Oh, and try lining up the highest point of your cat eye with the top corner of your spectacles: The jaunty tick at the outer edges will give downturned eyes a beguiling Botox-like lift!

5. Almost there! It’s absolutely essential that you anchor your look with a sturdy brow. Simply fill in sparse spots with a brow pencil, then darken and set with a clear gel. Curl and comb your lashes, then wiggle a mascara wand through your upper lashes.

Beauty bonus: You don’t want to look top-heavy, so balance out your facial features by saturating your smackers with a bold lippie; try a tantalising tangerine for a juicy jolt of colour.

And you’re done! Budge-proof eye makeup that’s excellent for gals with glasses.