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Hey guys, bear in mind 9 tips to wear jeans

If you are a trendy guy and always be in style before going out, then you cannot miss these 9 ‘holy’ jeans tips of Topman.

Yeah you can just throw your new jeans on with an old tee and some battered sneaks but where’s the fun in that? Here’s what some of the coolest men in the world are doing with fashion’s favorite fabric.

1. With trainers

Nothing shows off sneakers quite like denim. If your jeans have a wide, cropped leg, they’ll keep your creps in full focus.


2. With white

White’s on-trend but it’s not easy to wear. A light denim wash pairs with it perfectly, especially as we head into spring and summer.


3. With denim

Believe it or not, double denim is back in fashion. Pair mismatched denim washes together to keep your Canadian tuxedo contemporary.


4. With black

Wear it with the right things and denim can do anything, even Scandi style. A pared-back jacket and well-chosen accessories will make for a considered, minimal look.


5. With longline

The perfect combination for the spring. Denim and longline tops is a flawless look, especially when paired with some choice accessories.


6. With layers

Layered outfits are always on point. A simple pair of jeans will give you a solid foundation for your next mix-and-match outerwear experiment.


7. With patches

If your denim takes a beating that’s no reason to replace it. The older it gets the better it looks, so just grab a needle and thread and get stitching.


8. With smarts

Smartening up denim isn’t easy to pull off – if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to go all out. Do like this guy and pair a simple wash with sharp tailoring and formal accessories.


9. With boots

Get Yeezy-inspired style by pairing up distressed double denim with hardwearing boots. Denim is rugged, boots are rugged – this is a match made in heaven.

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