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Here’s How to Keep Social Media From Sucking the Happiness From Your Soul

Snapchat is actually a good thing.


Deleting all your accounts is probably not an option, so use these hacks to keep Snapping and double-tapping and not feel like crap afterward.

Use Fewer Platforms
Jumping between Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit? No wonder you’re exhausted. “Each platform has its own distinct set of unwritten rules, cultural assumptions, and idiosyncrasies,” says Brian Primack, MD, PhD, director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Research on Media, Technology, and Health. Focus your attention on a couple that you check daily. If you have the willpower to check the others only once a week, you can keep them; otherwise, delete. One you may want to retain: Snapchat. There are no comments or likes, notes social-media strategist Meg Adams, so you’re not tallying how you scored.

Avoid the Hate Follow
“Don’t follow people who make you feel bad or obsess, like exes or friends who brag nonstop,” says Whitbourne. “Ask yourself, Does this account inspire me?” says Adams. Then hide or block energy suckers — they won’t even notice.

Feeling Meh? Stay Offline.
You’re bored, a bit lonely, so you grab your phone — but flicking through Snap Stories only exacerbates FOMO. “Social media presents highly curated versions of reality. Poring over idealized photos and achievements can lead to negative self comparisons, especially if you’re feel- ing vulnerable,” says Dr. Primack. Instead of posting to the crowd, reach out to someone specific.


Scroll at Set Times
Try not to pick up your phone at every moment of downtime. A person spending a specific amount of time on social media will likely feel more satisfied, says Dr. Primack: “Rechecking may derail you from your own goals, thoughts, and tasks.” Schedule a time to check feeds — say, for half an hour at lunch. Never look before bed; posts could rev your emotions. Sleep makes you happier!

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