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Hair-Colors to try this Fall – Winter season


If you still don’t know what hair-color you should wear this winter, take a look at these top choices.

Summer is over, it’s about time you updated your hair color for winter. However, you don’t have to change everything about your hair if you’re still in love with your summer hair-color. You can just update your blonde or brunette with a more subtle look.

Creamy Blonde

For winter, it’s must be an all-over creamy blonde. It’s sophisticated and more suitable with cooler weather than a summery beach blonde.


Babylights actually is a highlight style with brown as basic using yellow and other shades of brown as lights. This hair-color mimics the glow of kiss’ hair when they are out in the sun because of its silky brown and smooth light. The placement and tone of the color makes your hair feel warm and seductive.

Warm, Copper Red

This season, try this perfect fall red color; it’s so warm and silky.