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Getting waisted at the office is the new trend and we cannot get enough

Say hello to your slimmer ‘wasp-waist’ with this trending office-to-bar take of the classic corset.

Way back in the global Victorian era when women were still suppressed by society and the ‘motorcar’ was a curious new invention, the corset can into existence. Oh hello corset. It was a daily ensemble staple as an undergarment for the middle-to-upper class women. 

Designed to keep the waist small, the corset was pulled tightly and worn all day under dresses to give an illusion of a curvier figure – as the torso was constricted; the hips, derriere and breasts were amplified in the process.

In laymen’s terms, a corset gave us the wasp-waist effect; an hourglass figure, which was, and still is, thought to be the most feminine of body shapes. This all sounds rather appealing, that is until you investigate the damage the corsets can inflict on the body if worn consistently over a long period of time – they essentially distorted the torso, realigned vital organs as well as causing the wearer to become short of breath and often faint. 

However, we’re thankful to say times have moved on, fashion has developed and whilst the corset still remains a strong contender for a female’s closet, they’re no longer what they used to be.

For the whole year up to now, stars and designers have all been seen to offer the corset a new lease of life, as an outerwear item rather than something hidden beneath external layers.  

Kylie Jenner


Hailey Baldwin


Kendall Jenner



For 2017 the corset has shrunk in size, widened in restriction and almost become an XXL waist belt.  The wasp waist is now easily achieved, pain-free. 

This new version is so versatile it can actually be worked into both your office ensembles and your night out attire.

To bag yourself a slice of the tummy tucking action, below are Topshop handpicked favorites.

Phí Phương Anh (left) and Angela Phương Trinh in Topshop’s corsets.

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